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4 FAQ About Metrin Rewards | Skin Talks

by Kayla June 21, 2019
3 FAQ About Metrin Rewards | Skin Talks

Hi readers – Kayla again! I’m here to continue our Skin Talks series.

The Metrin Team sits down every few weeks to discuss the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that our customers currently have for us. This month, we’ve gotten a multitude of questions about Metrin Rewards. Never heard of it? Well then read on, as I will be addressing our customers’ most pressing questions about the Program.

In this post, you’ll learn how to enroll, check your current rewards points level, and redeem your points for savings on your product purchases!

1.) I’ve been a Metrin Customer for 30 years; how long have I been earning Rewards points?

Metrin Rewards has been active for 3 years, since April 2016, but your Metrin Rewards points can only start accumulating as soon as you’ve Signed Up for Metrin Rewards. You can do so by signing into your Metrin account online, clicking “My Profile” (Image 1), then scroll down and check that “Sign up for Metrin Rewards” (Image 2) box. Remember to click “Save” when you’re all done.

Image 1(Image 1)
Image 2(Image 2)

2.) What are the different ways I can earn Metrin Rewards points?

After you signed up, there are 3 ways you can earn Metrin Rewards points. i.) Purchase Metrin products; ii.) Input your Birthday; iii.) Refer a Member! – let’s go over the details below:

Purchase Metrin products

Anytime you place an order, you generate Rewards points! Each product we sell has a specific amount of points associated with it. Click on “Learn More” (Image 3) on the product you are interested in and see how many Rewards points it earns (Image 4).

*For example, the Metrin Skincare System for Her (165ml), earns you 130 points.
Image 3
(Image 3)

Image 4

(Image 4)

Input your Birthday

Input your Birthday, and receive Rewards points every year on your special day. Remember how to get to “My Profile”? If not see above (Image 1). In your Profile, you can enter your Birthday – Year, Month, Day (Image 5). Click “Save”.

*On your Birthday you earn 130 points.
Image 5(Image 5)

Refer a Member

If you know anyone who is interested in trying Metrin, or who you know is going to make a purchase for the first time, make sure to get their email address and input it in the “Member Referral” field on the Metrin Rewards page (My Account –> Metrin Rewards) (Image 6). Then click the “Refer Member” button (Image 7).

There are a few stipulations:
i.) your Referral must be a New Customer (not a current customer of Metrin);
ii.) you must refer them (input their email address in the Referral field) BEFORE they make their purchase;
iii.) your Referral must purchase a full-size (165ml) Metrin Skincare System.

*If the above conditions are met, your Member Referral will earn you 500 points
Image 6(Image 6)
 Image 7(Image 7)

3.) How do I redeem my Metrin Rewards points?

Go to the Metrin Rewards page (see above for details on how to get there). You will see on the page the number of “Product Rewards Points” you have. Depending on the amount you have accumulated to date, determines how many you can Redeem.

If you have 487 points, as per the example below, you can either redeem 475 points (for $20 off), or 260 points (for $10 off). Or, you can choose to not use your points and continue to accumulate them until you reach a higher level: 600 points (for $30 off) or 800 (for $50 off).

When you are ready to redeem your points, click the drop-down menu in the “Redeem your Points” section (Image 8). This will show the 4 levels; select the level you wish to redeem (Image 9).

Once you’ve selected the level, then click the “Create Coupon” button below. This will generate a Coupon Code, which will appear in a light green box at the top of the page (Image 10).

COPY the Coupon Code. Later once you are ready to Checkout with your order, you can enter it into the “Coupon Code” field on the Checkout, Billing & Shipping Information page (Image 11). Click the “Add Coupon” button. The discount will apply and will be visible in the order summary on the Review Order page.

*Reward points can be used towards product purchases and has no cash surrender value.

Image 8(Image 8)
(Image 9)
Image 10(Image 10)
Image 11
(Image 11)

4. When do my points expire?

Metrin Rewards Update: Improved Points Expiry!  

Starting June 1, 2020, you now have more time to use your points. Instead of 1 year, customers now have 2 years to use their earned points! 

My Tips & Tricks & Notes

  • While point redemption can’t be combined with special Metrin sales promotions, you can continue to use them with your regular purchases as Rewards points do not expire.
  • Although you can redeem your points at any of the 4 levels (260 points, 475 points, 600 points, 800 points), keep in mind that the more points you accrue, the more value they hold. For instance, at the 260 points level, each point (1) is worth $0.038. However, at the 800 points level, each point (1) is worth $0.062. So, the longer you can hold onto your points, the more valuable they become!
  • Watch out for our double and triple Reward points promotions – they happen a handful of times a year and can help you bank some extra points!

For more information on Metrin Rewards watch our How it Works video below!

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