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A Special Message from Metrin’s President

by Ricky Choi September 09, 2020

What were our wishes, hopes and resolutions when the world greeted 2020 at New Year’s? Not only did time fly by quickly but, all, if not most, of our plans were upended by a tiny invisible microscopic virus that we could unknowingly share with and infect one another with a new illness that we knew little about when it all began.

Not knowing, not having the ability to fully control our world as we face the unknown that could seriously harm all of us tests us and defines us – both individually and collectively. A global stress test!

In this moment, and in the moments to come, we hope that this message finds you and all of your loved ones well, with an inner calm and resolve and hope that we will collectively get through this stressful experience together

We’ve done it before and we can do it again. We shall overcome.

From the ancient Bible passage of Passover where people were guided to shelter in place and through numerous other  pandemics and global events, we have collectively overcome the challenges together.  The notion of ‘us’ begins with each one of us individually. And in this respect, our care for one another reflects the care we have for who we are. Isn’t the power to care for another based on a foundation of self care?

And we received inspiration from those who take the risk to care for others, from essential workers and health care workers caring for those infected and ill, to those who willingly suspending the pursuit of their wants and needs to care for others and their communities. From strangers to neighbors, colleagues to friends, they’ve done so silently, dutifully. We know that our customers are such people. For caring bravely, courageously and generously. And for that, we thank-you. It’s an honor and a privilege to have you in our life.

Thank-you for all that you do.

Ninji F
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