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How to Get Better Skin Care Advice

by Samantha Williams January 16, 2018
skin care advice

It’s very important before making any skin care decisions to do your research, get informed, and seek sound advice. Sometimes, that can be easier said than done with so much (sometimes conflicting) information out there, but make sure to empower yourself through facts, science, and evidence. But how do you know who to trust?

Like any subject, there are some consensus skin care ideas about bad habits to avoid in order to achieve the glowing skin you seek and better overall healthy skin. Beyond that, it’s beneficial to solicit good advice from many different independent sources.

So where do people typically go for skin care advice?


Skin care consultations from reputable outlets are always a good resource including those from different retailers, spas, consultants, and skin care professionals provided they know what they are talking about. Be sure to check their qualifications and experience. Don’t feel obligated to always take their advice or use the products they recommend. Learn from their experience and knowledge by asking questions.

Take any consultation at face value and put into the proper context with outside information to properly inform your skin care decisions. These consultations can usually be relatively casual and give you some perspective on your skin care.


This may be your most reliable bet and the most formal or obvious place to go. Dermatologists are certified medical professionals who specialize in the skin (also nails and hair) and have an intensive training on all possible issues regarding the body’s largest organ. They will have the most direct, fact-based, scientific suggestions thanks to their years of required medical training.

It may not be the first place you go unless you have known or chronic skin issues, but it’s the reputable place for science-based information about your skin. For many who have relatively typical skin, it may feel unnecessary to consult a doctor.


Do your own research. Keep in mind the amount of misinformation (see parabens) out there so triple check your sources and look for attributions to respected professionals and accredited health groups to make sure your facts are right.

Supplement any advice from individuals with your own research to back up their claims or knowledge.

skin care advice

Friends & Family

You should always feel comfortable about soliciting advice, asking around, and empowering your personal support group of trusted family and friends. Remember who the person giving you advice is, if it’s applicable to you, and what their sources are.

Friends and family can be the easiest, most immediate source of information. If you see someone with healthy, youthful looking skin and similar to you, you might want to ask what their skin care process is and take note. It might work for you.


Online sources from others like you and “real people” (think YouTube reviews) can be useful in distilling the wealth of health and skin care information online. However, be aware that popular social influencers may have different motives if they are sponsored or have endorsement deals with certain products. Make sure to read, watch, or listen carefully about product reviews or personal stories of what bloggers use for their skin care and look for disclosures.

You might have to do extra research about your sources on top of research about skin care to make sure your sources are reliable. Proper product reviews done over time to track progress and success done at set time intervals with check-ins and updates can save you a lot of time by trying products or methods through others without have to do all the work yourself.

Remember, there’s no way to know for sure about any product or skin care routine without trying it out for yourself first.


There’s nothing inherently wrong with taking tips and advice from our famous friends. However, just like you should be somewhat skeptical of your friends and family or anyone online depending on their knowledge of health and skin care related concerns, take any product endorsements from celebrities with a grain of salt.

Many famous faces are skin care experts in their own right and swear by longheld regimens based on their own thorough research. If you can trust their endorsements or advice – only limited to their own experiences – and that they truly use any product themselves and see their results on the red carpet, then go ahead and see if it works for you provided you think the same results can be replicated on your own.

Whoever you consult for sage skin care advice, they may be knowledgeable, but it’s important to inform and empower yourself to make the best decisions possible for you. If anything, they’ll likely support your well-researched skin care decisions that you were already leaning towards based on recommendations.

You’ll likely find a lot of similar, predictable recommendations about a few essential steps in any approach to a daily skin care routine. Keep your expectations realistic, compare recommendations from multiple sources, and look for long-term results to support any advice. It doesn’t have to be that complicated.

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