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Avoiding a Holiday Breakout: Diet and Acne Tips

by Samantha Williams December 20, 2016
Diet and Acne

Leave the redness to Rudolph: avoid these foods that cause acne

What would the holidays be without friends, family, presents, and an excessive amount of egg nog? There’s no shame in indulging in holiday sweets. But, for the sake of healthy skin, it’s important to remember moderation!

Diet and acne are closely related- all that sugar and fat can cause excessive amounts of oil. Portion control is essential to avoid holiday breakouts. No one wants to start the New Year with pimples. Don’t worry, you can have a healthy holiday and still indulge in your aunt’s famous cheesecake. Try the following tricks to keep your skin and your waistline happy and healthy.

Diet and Acne

Portion Control

As much as we love going overboard with gifts, food (and let’s be serious, booze) our skin hates it! Healthy and beautiful looking skin is a commitment. Much like a healthy lifestyle. It requires a balance between sleep, exercise, nutritious meals and a natural skincare regime. You don’t have to deprive yourself of dessert. And you don’t have to turn down wine; the sweet, sweet nectar of life. Just limit the amount your body may crave, or replace it with a healthy alternative.


Diet and Acne


Your Diet and Acne

We have fat and we need fat. Some people have less and some people have more. Of course, there is a healthy amount. Too much of it can lead to oily skin and acne. We know it’s hard to avoid the bad fat found in greasy (yet heavenly) junk food. But again, it’s all about portion control. It’s okay to treat yourself every once and awhile. Just be mindful over the holidays that you aren’t consuming ridiculous amounts of foods that cause acne like deep fried food, packaged chips or pork.

Diet and Acne

Sweet and Salty

Did you know that eating refined sugar can spike your insulin level and cause acne? White bread and soda do the same. There’s a whole bunch of foods that contain a surprising amount of sugar and simple carbs. Try to limit your intake of BBQ sauce, ketchup, fruit juice, sports drinks and even low-fat yogurt…

Does Dairy Cause Acne?

You bet! Dairy, as smooth savoury as it may be, its the Devil. Okay, it’s not that bad. But nowadays the hormones in the milk we drink is not far off from the hormones that affected your skin as a teenager. That’s right, you might want to consider cutting back on the ‘ol egg nogg. Unless you want to relive the ups and downs of puberty. I’ll pass, thanks.

Diet and Acne

The New Year – The New You

Ah, you can rejoice in the fact that 2017 is just around the corner! Who doesn’t want a fresh start? You can maintain a healthy balance over the holidays and still enjoy all those delicious eats and treats. Take time to consider your diet and acne triggers. Have some vegetables before that chocolate truffle. Perhaps mix in some leafy greens beside that pool of gravy. Celebrate the New Year with confidence and clear skin. You can do it!

Diet and Acne


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