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Get to the Source of Your Sensitive Skin

by Kayla March 05, 2020

What defines sensitive skin?

Go into any drugstore and you’ll see shelves full of products specially formulated for sensitive skin. But what exactly defines sensitive skin? And what can be done to treat it?

The truth is, the definition of sensitive skin depends on who you ask. Typically, it’s when your skin becomes irritated, itchy, tight or inflamed. This can occur when your body reacts to your diet, hormonal imbalances, medications, weather changes, cosmetics, and even stress. Other symptoms of sensitivity come in the form of rosacea, eczema, and dry skin.

The generality of the term ‘sensitive skin’ can inevitably lead to inflated claims of a product’s benefits. The onus is on consumers to try to determine which products will help their skin – which may make their situation worse.

What causes your sensitive skin?

If you suffer from skin sensitivity, it’s important to try to narrow down what causes your skin to react. Keep a journal recording what you eat, what you use on your skin, the weather, any medications you’re taking, any new products you’re trying and how you feel in general. Pay attention to ingredients in the foods you eat and the products you use – you may find patterns between something you use regularly and sensitive flare ups.

Other things that may cause your skin to react are laundry detergents, bedding and clothing that need to be washed, and a major culprit – cosmetic sponges, brushes and makeup that need to either be tossed or cleaned.

Also, remember that most skin care products are regularly reformulated. So even if you have never reacted to it before, any change in its ingredients may trigger a reaction.

Gentle, proven skin care for sensitive skin

The Metrin Skincare System was first developed in 1932 and has since maintained the integrity of its original formula that is trusted by our most lotal customers to deliver incredible results, gently and without irritation. Also, Metrin products were designed to work together, synergistically with your skin, eliminating the risk of a reaction from inadvertently combining unrelated products.

The Metrin Skincare System includes many gentle, soothing and non-irritating ingredients. The main ingredient in the conditioners, Steps #3 Vita Conditioner & #5 Enriched Vita Conditioner are an organic, high oleic, cold pressed sunflower oil which promotes healing and provides natural nourishment with vitamins A, B, C, and E. The conditioners are also abundant in essential fatty acids and protective antioxidants which are essential to the health, healing and protection of your skin. Our #4 Protective Lotion also contain ingredients that help protect and heal the skin (aloe vera and allantoin).

 “All my life, I’ve had extremely sensitive skin. Everything I used would make my eyes water and my skin break out. I could hardly put anything on my face except water. I tried expensive products, cheap products, every product you could think of, hoping to find something that would work, but nothing did. Then I discovered Metrin and I knew my search was finally over. Within the first few days, I could really tell that it was working for my skin. That was over 17 years ago, and to this day I’m still enjoying the benefits of METRIN.” – June D., Winnipeg, MB.

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