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How to Even Out Skin Tone and Texture

by Samantha Williams November 21, 2016

How to Even Out Skin Tone and Texture

Surface results need deep treatment


Uneven skin tone means out-of-balance systems – your body’s telling you it’s getting too much of one thing or not enough of another. The actual issues can vary widely, from sun exposure or dehydration to nutrient deficiencies or poor exfoliation… but:

They can almost all be addressed by simply balancing out cleansing, nourishing, and protective skin care routines. Here’s a shocker, though: most people way overdo it on the cleansing part. Sure, you want your skin to be clean – but going crazy can change your skin’s pH levels, causing more harm than it cures and exacerbating other issues.

Once or twice per day is plenty (and stay away from harsh chemicals or abrasives).  Instead, you should gently stimulate your skin’s natural regenerative processes with just the right blend of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and moisture to all 3 layers of skin to encourage healthy new growth.

Simple, right? Yep.


What’s pH got to do with uneven skin tone

(and why are my bathroom shelves so full)?


We mentioned pH – your skin’s is naturally slightly acidic. Skin pH gets affected by all kinds of things including what you eat, where you live, and, of course, what kinds of products you use on it.

Too high or low and everything’s out of whack: both skin texture and tone suffer while your skin’s busy trying to figure out what’s going on and doing all the wrong stuff while it tries to get itself back to normal.

Then you need more products to counteract what your skin’s doing, trying to repair itself and protect against the chemical onslaught… see the pattern here? That’s why your bathroom shelves are so full of stuff that never seems to work. Facepalm!

Here’s another facepalm, in many cases: lots of people with uneven skin tone assume, for some reason, that their skin’s “sensitive” and choose products accordingly, which can lead to selecting an ideal-pH blend… like buying a lottery ticket can win you some cash. Which it usually doesn’t.


The takeaway here: preserving your skin’s pH is one of the most important factors in maintaining smooth, even skin tone & texture. And more products usually mean less balance.


The METRIN Skincare System’s completely pH-balanced and uses ideal carrier oils to penetrate deep into your skin, delivering the nourishment needed for fast, regular new growth of young, normal-coloured skin cells (relax – “normal” means the natural, beautiful skin colour you were born with).


How to improve skin texture

(without injecting weird stuff or going under the knife)

As we age, our skin’s natural renewal processes slow down by about 10% per decade. That means whatever happens today isn’t going to heal as well as it used to, be it acne scarring or dry patches resulting from imbalanced hydration and oil production. Yes, there are cosmetic products and even procedures (most of the latter are kind of icky, if you ask us) that can help mitigate these things… temporarily… but they don’t address the underlying imbalance.

Natural renewal’s the key to restoring and maintaining healthy-looking, youthful skin. If yours isn’t looking like its old young self any more, a little encouragement is in order.


Exfoliation’s Step One.


Removing old, dead skin cells to let new ones take their place is essential, but is still just the beginning. Your skin’s deeper layers supply oils and nutrients to the surface and create the underlying collagen structure that soft, uniform skin needs to grow on.

These processes also slow as we age (dammit, aging! I was told there’d be cake). Notice how you rarely see kids or teenagers with the same skin issues you’re facing now? Your body’s still changing: less oil, elastin, and collagen production reduces your skin’s elasticity – its stretchy goodness – contributing greatly to those unwanted, varying skin textures.


Hydration’s Step Two


…but it’s still got to be balanced. METRIN delivers moisture, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to the deeper layers that control renewal.

This literally empowers your skin to perform the functions it’s trying to do anyway: repair damage, regenerate texture, and protect itself (and your inside-stuff) from the elements, sun, and other stressors you encounter every day. Hello, happy new skin cells! Glad you could make it.


And nourishment’s Step Three


All those happy new skin cells have to come from somewhere, though. That means feeding your skin’s as important as giving it a daily drink. Your body does this naturally, but when things get out of balance it’s sometimes not sure what to do. That’s why topically-applied nutrients have greater effects than orally-ingested ones: things go straight where they need to be in just the right amounts.

Although they definitely have their place in a complete skin care system, we recommend against water-based products for most applications. Water’s good at delivering nutrients and is of course key for moisturizing and hydration, but it’s nowhere near as good as (the right) oils which carry nutrients and penetrate deep into the dermis to stimulate skin cell renewal.

Each step’s equally important to restoring your skin’s healthy, uniform, youthful glow. With properly-balanced pH, hydration, and nutrition combined with natural, gentle exfoliation (remember – stay away from the abrasive stuff or you’ll probably wish you did), it’s hard for your body not to grow radiant, supple skin.


METRIN accomplishes both and then some

(the last skin care system you’ll ever need… guaranteed)


We’re not kidding. Not a single aspect of METRIN’s formulae has changed in over 85 years because it’s shown excellent results, time and time again, for people of all ages and ethnicities during that time. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right? The latest isn’t always the greatest… and as far as skin care goes, it usually isn’t.


Stick with what’s proven to produce results. Always.

Michele F suffered from uneven skin tone before METRIN skincare

Want to even out skin tone and smooth its texture – to keep it looking young for life?  We can help. Give METRIN a shot for 6 months and, if you don’t feel like it’s delivering the awesome results we promise it will, it’s FREE. Period.


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