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How to Care for Combination Skin using Metrin

by Madeleine Paton April 17, 2020

Many Metrin Skincare users have combination skin. A person with combination skin – the most common skin type – experiences characteristics of both oily and dry skin. Usually, the skin across the forehead and down the nose and chin (the T-zone) will be oily, and the cheeks may be dry and tight.

The location of the oily and dry patches can change with diet, climate and age. Teenagers, during the initial stages of puberty, tend to have oilier skin on the entire face, while young adults may have an oily T-zone and jaw line. Though our skin produces less oil as we get older, some adults, especially menopausal women, can experience a resurgence of oily skin – causing adult breakouts and dry skin at the same time.

Caring for Combination Skin

Treating combination skin can be bewildering. How do you moisturize dry skin without making your oily patches greasy and breakout prone? And how do you cleanse your oily spots without drying out the rest of your face?

Though it seems tricky, caring for combination skin follows the same basic principles of a good skincare program: be gentle and complete – cleanse, nourish and protect – working synergistically with your skin’s natural systems to help it function at its best.

Complete Skincare

Using two gentle cleansers that will clean the skin’s surface and cleanse deep into the pores without irritating your skin will help remove excess oil and dirt without stripping your dry skin of its essential moisture. This gentle but effective double cleansing method helps minimize skin’s oil production response to over cleansing the skin.

Combination skin greatly benefits from mild exfoliation as well, helping to even out the skin. Resist the temptation to use an abrasive on the skin, like a rough cloth or a gritty scrub, these can irritate the skin and strip away your skin’s natural protective layer. Damaging this layer may cause the skin to produce more oil to protect itself. Instead, try a gentle fruit acid product, like a glycolic acid complex. This will remove the dry, dead skin cells from the skin surface which could otherwise wind up blocking the pores in your oily zones, trapping bacteria and increasing breakouts. A mild glycolic acid complex will do this gently, without any irritation to the skin.

Adding nourishment to your skin – like vitamins and essential fatty acids – will protect your skin and help your renewing skin cells become healthy and vibrant. When the skin becomes accustomed to being consistently cleansed and hydrated, it will help reduce its need to produce more oil, helping your skin to be more balanced. With oily patches, it’s still important to add some nourishment and moisture to help protect and calm the skin. But you may want to give oily areas a lighter application than what you give your dry skin zones. The ingredients in Metrin products are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids, which helps to boost the skin’s elasticity thereby reducing the occurrence dry or oily skin

Finally, all skin types need protection from the sun, chemicals, weather and bacteria. Wearing sunscreen every day and caring for your skin with a complete skincare program will do just that.

“At 30, I had lines across my forehead, laugh lines down my cheeks, large pores, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and combination dry/oily skin. Very soon after I started using the Metrin products, I could see a visible change in the texture, tone and color of my face. I no longer have any of those problems!” – Cyndee Tiffany

How to care for Combination Skin with Metrin Skincare

The Metrin Skincare System was designed to work harmoniously with your skin, regardless of skin type. It was formulated to normalize the skin, helping to bring oily and dry patches into a healthy balance. Our best-selling #2 Lathering Cleanser in particular contains a gentle, non-abrasive, liquid exfoliant that will aid your skin’s natural process of shedding dead skin cells and stimulating new cell renewal. By using it twice daily, you’ll see visible improvements in the health of your skin, including a reduction in dryness and oiliness. Metrin also carries a glycolic acid complex, the Accelerated Performance System which helps even out the skin tone and brings out your natural glow.

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