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#MetrinForAll Campaign

by Samantha Williams September 11, 2017
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METRIN Skincare Celebrates 85th Anniversary with Beauty Inclusive Campaign

METRIN Skincare, an independently-owned and operated Vancouver company, is celebrating 85 years as a brand by announcing the launch of the #MetrinForAll campaign focused on highlighting the natural beauty and diversity of their customers.

To acknowledge their history and longstanding clientele, METRIN invited a group of their Vancouver-area customers to showcase their healthy, balanced skin in an immersive photoshoot. Pairing them together uncovered unexpected commonalities helping to further their belief that we are more alike than different.

METRIN hopes, through this campaign, to show that all skin is essentially the same. This is the first step in their plan to showcase the natural, healthy, and beautiful skin of customers both new and old.

We’re taking this opportunity to celebrate our proud history of working with so many loyal customers – some for 30-40 years! – helping them enjoy healthier, more natural, and beautiful skin.


We also want to help educate consumers about the basics of everyday skin care and reaffirm how all skin is created equal and works best when its natural processes are enhanced– Ninji Fukuhara, METRIN Skincare President

Contact METRIN directly or on social media for information about our products or campaign. Not only is METRIN celebrating a milestone anniversary and celebrating their diverse community, they are embracing social media in addition to their many loyal customers to demonstrate the value of their proven skin care products.

METRIN is so confident in their Skincare System (5-steps for women and 4-steps for men), they have a longstanding 6 Month Promise guaranteeing better, healthier skin or a full refund.

Originally established in 1932, METRIN Skincare has helped thousands around the world achieve their skin’s best, healthiest state for the past 85 years. Their successful formula, unchanged since its inception, allows the skin’s natural glow to shine through.

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