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Metrin Reviews: A Testimonial from Kathy #MetrinLife

by Ricky Choi September 17, 2020
A review for Metrin Skincare

‘Metrin Life’ #MetrinLife  is a blog series where we showcase testimonials, reviews, and stories from our beloved Metrin Skincare System fans. Today’s testimonial comes from Kathy W,  from Florida  who we interviewed regarding her experience with Metrin Skincare.

What changes did you notice in your skin after you started using Metrin?

No more dry skin. Sun damage and uneven skin tone all improved!

What does your skin look like today?

Healthy, smooth and much younger than my actual age

What do people say about your skin?

They think I am much younger than I am. Also are surprised that I rarely, if ever use foundation

What would you want others to know about the Metrin Skincare System?

That it really works for the long haul and that it is very inexpensive compared to most other skin care systems.

Which skin type did you have before you started using Metrin?


Which skin concern did you have before you started using Metrin?

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Current Age


Year Started Using  Metrin Skincare


Anything more you would like to add?

We live on a lake and do a lot of boating. My Metrin seems to act as a sunscreen, as I have never gotten my face burned, while other areas not covered by Metrin have.

Metrin Skincare is a skincare brand that was founded in 1932. Metrin offers a skincare system (for women and men ) that includes everything you need for a healthy complexion. Metrin removes the guess work out of skincare.

Metrin Skincare System is the only original skincare system developed in 1932 with an effective double cleanse method that works together with effective skin nourishing and protection.” By practicing self care with the Metrin Skincare System for a few minutes twice daily, morning and night, the healthy, youthful Metrin Glow can be yours, too.

Read more testimonials about Metrin Skincare on Facebook or online. For more information about Metrin Skincare visit metrin.com. For a FREE skincare consultation visit blog.metrin.com/perfectskinforlife

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