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What Causes Healthy, Glowing Skin

by Rick December 04, 2017
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People sometimes say beauty comes from within, and in a way, it does. Those who are considered beautiful are often described as having a radiant or glowing appearance.

We often focus on certain superficial qualities such as symmetrical features, smooth skin, and nice hair. These desirable things can often come from within. After all, pregnant women are often regaled for their marvelous, glowing complexions.

What Causes Glowing Skin

So where exactly does this “glow” actually come from? There are two main reasons for the extra glow we see in people.

Cell Renewal

The first is the simple physics of cell renewal. Skin glows when it’s smooth enough to reflect light. On the other hand, skin becomes dull when rough, dead skin cells pile up and diffuse light. Children and teenagers glow more easily because their skin cells turn over, or renew themselves, every 28 days on average.

As we age, this process increasingly slows down, and is it is also always affected by other factors like overall health, diet, quality of sleep, medication, or hormonal changes that can cause cell turnover to take up to a few months. The result is that your skin becomes duller and loses some of its reflective qualities.


Increased circulation is another factor that contributes to glowing skin. Ever notice how you glow more after a workout, even after you’ve showered? That’s because the increased blood supply to your skin flushes blood to the surface of the skin and makes it appear rosy or glowing when reflected in the light.

Increased blood flow also regulates temperature and may carry more waste or toxins to the sweat glands to where they can be cleared and cleansed through sweat.

Pregnant women also have naturally increased circulation and that is one of the reasons they seem so radiant.

Glowing Skin Tips

While that natural glow is a result of certain natural factions we just discussed, there are ways you can maintain or keep that glow for longer.


Leading a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing you can do for radiant skin. A glowing complexion really does reflect a healthy body within. Give up unhealthy habits like smoking and take up healthy ones such as drinking water regularly and eating nutritious, balanced meals.


In addition to just plain eating better and healthier, foods like tomatoes, berries, fish, seafood, brown rice, green tea, and other foods rich in nutrients like Omega-3s can help your skin look its best.

Sleep & Exercise

Making sure you get enough sleep and exercise do more for your skin than you may think. When you sleep, your body releases something called the human growth hormone. This hormone is responsible for cell turnover and collagen production collagen, a protein that gives skin its suppleness and elasticity. Regular aerobic exercise will improve your circulation and leave you more glowing as a result.

Skin Care

Adopt a simple, regular skin care routine and avoid using too many products. Lots of ingredients can irritate your skin and sometimes they cancel out each other’s benefits. Choose a basic routine that includes a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, and moisturizer, then stick to it. Regular, every day skin care that treats your normal functions will help you achieve that healthy glow.


Exfoliating regularly is also very important to maintain your skin’s reflective quality. This will help you achieve your glow by sloughing off a buildup of dead skin cells. Choose a gentle liquid exfoliant that won’t irritate your skin and use it morning and night for best results. Always make sure to moisturize with a nutrient-rich cream after exfoliating. For an additional boost of exfoliation, consider using a treatment containing alpha hydroxy acid which can be extremely effective, yet gentle, when used a few times a week.

Looking your best naturally is hard work and there are no shortcuts. The paths to better, healthier, more naturally glowing skin is paved with good decisions and regular maintenance.

Solutions like makeup can help give you a temporary glow, but nothing can really replace the beauty of naturally glowing skin. Exfoliating regularly, a daily skin care regimen, and leading a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to keep your skin smooth and radiant for that priceless, beautiful glow.

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